Additional historical information

Connection with the Covenanters:

• A reason the Covenanters sang the Psalms is found in the Preface of The Psalms of David in Metre by John Brown of Haddington. “Though the Holy Ghost never saw meet to have a liturgy of prayers; yet, from the poetical composition thereof, it is plain he intended these psalms and songs for a standing form of praise in the church. It is certain they were used in this manner under the Old Testament. The Holy Ghost hath, under the New, plainly directed us to the use hereof, Col iii.16, Eph.v.19. The PSALMS, HYMNS, and spiritual SONGS, there recommended, are plainly the same with the MIZMORIM TEHILLIM, and SHIRIM mentioned in the Hebrew titles of David’s Psalms iii. iv. v. & c. cxiv. cxx.-cxxxiv….”

• The historical roots of the 1650 Psalter date from the early Reformation [Philip Rainey of the James Begg Society]. It comes to us by way of Calvin’s 1549 Strausburg Psalter (19 Psalms), the 1562 Anglo-Genevan Psalter (87 Psalms), and the 1564 first Scottish Psalter (all Psalms). When the meter was determined too difficult for common people, a revised Psalter was produced by the Westminster Assembly (1643-1647). Following 2+ years of examination and revisions, the 1650 Psalter was presented to the Kirk.

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