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  1. The large majority of tunes in this volume were selected from the two red Psalters: “The Scottish Psalmody” (1992) [Free Church Psalter] and “The Psalms in Metre” (1979) [Irish Psalter]. A few tunes were selected by recommendation from various congregations or individuals — “The Hymnbook” (1955), “The Trinity Hymnal” (1961), “The Trinity Hymnal” (1990) and “The Book of Psalms for Singing” (1973), plus two original tunes. The tune list can be found on the link above.

    Almost all the tunes in the Supplement are out of copyright. When I began this project I learned that a number of our favorite tunes are still copyrighted: Arden, Ayrshire, Balfour, Bays of Harris, Herongate, Ladywell, St. Botolph and Weymouth. I have included Weymouth by permission. However, I did not receive permission to use others until too late in the production process. The proper contact to obtain permission to use Bays of Harris was never located.

    • All but one of the tunes listed in “A Manual for Precentors” published by the Psalmody Committee of the Free Church of Scotland in 1988 are included in this Supplement. One was inadvertently omitted.

  2. I’m just wondering whether your book says what edition of what book each individual tune corresponds to?

    Do they correspond to the Scottish Psalter 1929 and Scottish Psalmody 1977 or later where available, or are they, for instance, from earlier Free Church psalters or from Irish psalters? I take it you’ve only been able to use out-of-copyright tunes? Of course the vast majority of tunes in common use with the Scottish Psalter in Scotland *are* out of copyright but there are exceptions, e.g. Bays of Harris and perhaps Ayrshire .

    I ask because I know that not all tunes used in North America (e.g. on the Des Moines Psalm CDs) are the same versions as I’ve learned from the above books.

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