Other 1650 Psalm singing sites and CDs

Free downloads of Psalms recorded by Christ Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church. The tune name is not included, but you will likely recognize many of the tunes. http://www.christcovenantrpc.org/audio/psalm-singing/

This site provides acapella singing of the 1650 Psalter. The left-hand columnn also offers other Psalter versions www.thepsalmssung.org/scottish/
You can hear the same selections via SoundCloud page of singing from Connor S. Quigley, Scotland, Britain (UK) www.soundcloud.com/connorq/sets/the-psalms-sung-1650-version/. 

Source to download many Psalms from the 1650 Psalter sung by the Iowa congregation of the Presbyterian Reformed Church. The tune name is not included, but this enables those of you who have the CDs to download the selections  www.presbyterianreformed.org>

This is a rich source of information about the 1650 Psalter. It is also a source for CDs of Psalter with harmony CDs: “In this site we wish to share with you our enthusiasm for Psalm Singing and to tell you about the Worthy to be Praised  series of Psalmody CDs.  While many Psalmody CDs exist, these are unique, having one disc of beautiful Psalm Singing and one disc to teach the  harmonies for these tunes” www.sing-the-psalms.webs.com

Free Psalm recordings www.texanrose.blogspot.com/2010/09. Some links go directly to the recordings and some go through another source to download.

Various metrical versions of the Psalms, including the 1650 Psalter. A free online means to combine a variety of tunes with each Psalm – “Music for the Church of God” www.cgmusic.org/workshop/index.htm

Precentor In Charlotte Blog – provides midi files of many tunes included in the Supplement www.precentorincharlotte.blogspot.com

Examples of singing the 1650 Psalter www.YouTube.com/charlotteprc

Listen to a variety of Psalms, each sung to a specific tune – MP3 Audio recordings of 1650 Psalter by Psalm-singing.org www.psalm-singing.org

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