Red Split-leaf Psalter (Hardcopy + ‘1650’ App for “The Scottish Psalmody”)… Also other psalters as e-books


  1. The Scottish Psalmody by The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) was re-published in May 2013. This is the red split-leaf psalter containing both words and music. As of August 2016 it cost approximately $27 to be sent to an address in the USA.  Click here for that link.
    1. The Sol fa edition is also available from this site (see illustrations at the bottom of this page from their website).
  2. Both these versions are also available through the Free Presbyterian Bookroom.  Click here for their website. Click here to locate these books in their catalog on page 2 under “Psalmody”.

App “1650” developed by Pastor Romesh Prakashpalan 

  3. FOR KINDLE – Amazon App Store for the Kindle Fire tablets

Free as E-books along with sources to pay for hardcopies.

  1. 1880 Presbyterian Church in Ireland Psalter. 
  2. 1883 Free Church of Scotland Psalter.
  3. 1912 Psalter.

———————————————————————————————General Psalmody Resources from sing-the-psalms website

    Learning to Sing the Psalms (with accompanying CD) Sol-fa
Part 1: Psalmody and Good Practice – deals with the contents and distinctiveness of the Scottish Psalter, the place of Singing in public worship, the role of the Precentor and the minister.  Includes:  basics of good singing, choosing the right tune, addressing problems in congregational singing and training for the Precentor.
Part 2: (by far the larger) – sets out the Sol-fa Notation Method in a systematic way.
   The Scottish Psalmody – Staff.  Split-leaf psalter: Scottish Metrical Version of the Psalms (1650) with tunes in the staff notation. 
   The Scottish Psalmody – Sol-fa    Split-leaf psalter:  Scottish Metrical Version of the Psalms (1650) with tunes in the sol-fa notation.
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  Where do the Tunes come from?  The interesting history of the tunes and their composers.

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