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Wecome! This website is to promote the singing of Psalms, especially the 1650 Psalter known as the Scottish Psalter. The goal is to not only offer a book of tunes for the Psalter, but also to provide resources to enhance singing the Psalms to the glory of God (our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer).

The Supplement was prepared to provide tunes for The Psalms of David in Metre. Both the Scottish and Irish split leaf versions were out of print when the Supplement was published in 2012. However in 2013, the Scottish Psalter was reprinted (see June 13, 2013 post). This Supplement provides many tunes for use with the Black Psalter (1650).

If you are aware of a resource not listed, please let us know.

Once you have begun using the Supplement, if you have suggestions for a future edition, please let us know.