Links about the 1650 Psalter

1. The Book of psalms and sacred harmonies:with the words printed for expressive singing (1866)
This pre-dates the current The Scottish Psalmody published by the Free Church of Scotland and Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). Along with great helps at the beginning, it includes the 150 Psalms and numerous tunes in the split-leaf format. It also contains many Scriptures set to the tunes and some hymns. It is available as an e-book to purchase from or browse from Princeton Theological Library

2. History of The Scottish Psalmody and the 1650 Psalter. (We have referred to The Scottish Psalmody also as the Scottish Psalter.)

3. “The Psalms of David in Metre by John Brown of Haddington”
An explanation for singing Psalms in worship is found in his Preface.

4. “Early Modern British Psalmody” discusses some of the historical background to The Scottish Psalmody

5. “The Scottish Metrical Version of the Psalms, 1650” by Philip Rainey (James Begg Society)  This article also traces the historical roots of the 1650 Scottish Psalter.

6. Several other great resources about the 1650 Psalter provided by the Free Church (Continuing)

7. “The Role of the Precentor”
An article by Evan G. Macdonald offering guidance to precentors. It provides useful suggestions for anyone singing the Psalter.

8. “Who were the Covenanters?” Informational website

9.  “How To Use a Split-Leaf Psalter: A Book Review”

10. The words of Psalter 18:26 are confusing for some folks. Here is a suggested adaptation of Psalm 18:26 PSALM 18:26 (1650-Psalter) Adapted for better comprehension.

11. Psalters which have used the 1650 Scottish Psalter

  1. 1880 Presbyterian Church in Ireland Psalter
  2. 1883 Free Church of Scotland Psalter
  3. 1912 Psalter
  4. Current reprint of The Scottish Psalmody (split-leaf )

12. Nine Psalter reviews by Logan West (posted November 28, 2013). He includes the “1650 Scottish Psalter” and “Scottish Psalmody”.

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