Resources for the words-only version of the 1650 Psalter printed by the Trinitarian Bible Society – Psalms of David in Metre. Download, view or purchase… 

1. Trinitarian Bible Society (USA) 616-735-3695.
Type ‘Metrical Psalms’ in the Search box.  International offices can be located through the left-hand column ‘Our Offices’.

2. Crown and Covenant Publications 412-241-0436   Type ‘Psalms of David in Metre’.

3. Reformation Heritage Books 616-977-0889  Type ‘Psalms of David in Metre’ or ‘Metrical Psalms’

4. Free Church of Scotland

5. The Australian project — booklets with the 1650 text

6. Website for worldwide maps of some congregations that sing only Psalms. Be sure to wait for all the pins to show up.

Resource for the sol-fa edition of “The Scottish Psalmody”
The Free Church of Scotland Bookshop     email:

Resources for on-line version of the 1650 Psalter



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